Why Premium?
We don’t compromise on ingredients, taste, and macronutrients. Our crusts are hand-made in small batches, and we use only clean, highly quality ingredients that are GMO-free and Kosher. Our crusts taste great and you can eat with your hands without worrying that your pizza slice will fall apart in your hands.

How long does flat-rate shipping take (US-based customers only)?
Our flat rate shipping is UPS Worldwide Expedited. Shipping time is two days from the day it is shipped, anywhere in the USA.

How do I get a perfect bake and a crispy crust?
Sometimes the baking instructions are not going to give the perfect bake, as there is a large variance in the heat patterns of home ovens. Therefore, it’s important that when you bake your first pizza, you keep a very close eye on the crust, and remove it from the oven when the edges of the crust turn an nice golden brown. We recommend that the baking sheet be placed on the bottom rack of the oven.