• Are Sooo Ketolicious products gluten free?

    While all ingredients used in the production of Sooo Ketolicious products are gluten free, we are currently operating out of a commercial kitchen where gluten is used.

  • What is your order fulfillment policy?

    Order fulfillment takes place once a day, and the cut-off is 10am. Orders placed after 10am will be fulfilled the following day at 10am.

  • What other products does Sooo Ketolicious sell?

    Sooo Ketolicious produces a range of fresh baked goods for the local Ottawa market. Unfortunately, most of these products aren’t suitable for wide distribution. Sooo Ketolicious is currently in development of a range of exciting new products that will become available later in 2019.

  • Can the pizza crusts be frozen?

    Pizza crusts can be frozen for up to 9 months.